Poppies TV have recently very kindly been given a collection of tapes from the old days of Northants TV – which contain highlights packages of many Poppies matches from around 1998 to 2001/2. The collection contains between 80 and 100 tapes of roughly 30 minutes of highlights of many of the games from this period, which would potentially include the run to the FA Trophy final in 2000. They are however on a now obsolete format – Betacam SP. These tapes can be transferred to a digital format, but at a not inconsiderable cost.

Poppies TV would love to have the tapes digitised, but currently have little or no funding, and whilst the archive footage is very desirable, there are currently other priorities, in terms of getting new equipment to improve the broadcast of current Poppies matches, and provide interviews and highlights packages for supporters to enjoy.

So what Poppies TV are going to do is launch a crowdfunding campaign to try and raise enough funding to pay for both the digitising of the footage, and badly needed new equipment – whilst also providing Poppies supporters with the opportunity to get some excellent rewards.

People will be able to make donations to help fund the project, but will also be able to bid for a variety of rewards, including access to some of the archive footage once it has been digitised; access to Poppies TV home broadcasts, and a variety of merchandise, memorabilia, and other experiences.

Watch this space for details of the launch, and how you can get involved.