It’s been just over a month since the successful conclusion to our crowdfunder campaign. Most of the rewards have now been delivered – and the final ones will be delivered once the digital transfer of the Northants TV footage is complete. A further update will follow, as soon as we have news on the progress of the transfer.

The money raised for new equipment for Poppies TV has been put to good use already, and we have acquired the following items, some of which are already in use, and making a difference to the service:

Walkie-Takies to help communication between the studio, gantry, and other areas of the ground.

16 new bulbs for the studio lighting system – making for better images from the studio footage and pre/post match interviews.

Flight cases to keep the camera equipment safely stored.

New mixer for connecting microphones etc.

2 New lip microphones, to cut out extraneous noise during commentary.

Many thanks again to all of our backers for making this possible. We hope you’ll all be seeing the improvements in our service, which we will work to continually improve.