Hello to all our backers – and Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s been a while since our last update, but we just wanted to assure people that the Digital Transfer of the Northants TV tapes is still ongoing, and is now nearing an end.

We always knew that it would be a sizeable task – and so it is proving. There are a lot of tapes, and they have to be transferred in real time. Ronnie, who is doing the transfers for us gave us a very good deal on price, with the only proviso being that he would have to fit the transfers around his other work – so the time scale was always going to be a little stretched.

It will however be well worth the wait – and as soon as work is finished, we will be in touch with all the backers who bid for priority access to the footage. Once that is done, we will be able to start adding the footage to the Archive on the Poppies TV website: http://poppiesonline.grifonater.com/archive/

We’ve been getting some very positive comments on how the Poppies TV service is improving – and that is in large part due to all the new equipment we managed to acquire thanks to the money raised by the crowdfunder. Thanks again to everyone who donated money – and we hope you keep enjoying the live broadcasts, highlights and interviews.

Don’t forget to keep visiting the Poppies TV website for all the latest info and footage: http://poppiesonline.grifonater.com

And don’t forget to join us for live coverage of home matches, and audio coverage of away games: http://poppiestv.ketteringtownfc.com/home