The Poppies TV fundraiser is now nearly half way through it’s 4 weeks, and we have so far raised around 30% of the total required. If we don’t make the total within the 4 weeks, then the project will not be funded, and those that have pledged for rewards will miss out.

What do we need from people now? Well, obviously we need lots more people to pledge money, but we also need your help to spread the word. Please tell all your friends about the project, and post across social media as much as possible, preferably including this link to the crowdfunder page:

We have just had some more amazing memorabilia donated to us, which we will be listing on the crowdfunder page in the coming days, so do keep checking.

It would be a crying shame if all of the amazing footage on the old tapes was to be lost, so lets all pull together and make sure we raise the money to preserve the footage for future generations, and to help the Poppies TV service improve, and provide even more classic footage of the mighty Poppies.