Poppies TV, was the brainchild of owner, Ritchie Jeune, who set the station up for the onset of the 2014-15 season, all the home games were covered live throughout the Championship season. But because of FA and League restrictions, we cannot show Live TV coverage of games in the future. Just a highlights package (see below) and audio commentary.

The 2019-20 team consists of anchor-man Paul Cooke, commentators Ed Palmer, Matt Spearman, Gary Foreman, cameramen Rhys Coleman, highlights editor Richard Atkinson and producer and special effects wizard Ryan Griffin.

This season will show a highlights package being made available for general release a few days later on the Official Poppies TV website, facebook page and Youtube. The show consists of a 30 minute pre-match chat with special guests, and post match interviews with management and playing staff, plus the full 90 minutes of live football.

Poppies TV also offer an away LIVE audio service.

To log into the service please go to the top of the home page.